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Originally Posted by DavidZ View Post
I have an extra turn signal bulb "base" so I can post up a picture of that and the LED bulb so someone hopefully circle (or something) whatever they needed to modify/cut.

Like ducman, I bent the hell out of one of the prongs inside the turn signal enclosure and, after driving around without a front left turn signal for a couple weeks, was lucky to bend it back when I finally took the wheel off to get a good look in there... the prong looks like it hanging by a thread now though.
Touching that area anymore and the prong will snap right off, huh?

I actually brought my car to EAS to have them install mine in and it turn out that I fucked it up by "over" shaving/sanding down one of the bulb to try and twist it on the oem base. It now twist in and out too easily. It has to be very tight. I end it up buying theirs and had them put theirs on. They look nice!! Thank you EAS!!

So I now have 1 bulb which is loose and 1 that is untouched. They are free if local wants them. You can glue the loose bulb to the base or wedge something in there to make it tight. As for the one that's untouched, good luck twisting that bitch.

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