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Originally Posted by imolazhp_ci View Post
not true dude. there is no arguing that stock for stock as speeds increase the M3 will steadily walk away from a 335. up 100 mph it's about even.... but with increased speed, the larger displacement and the higher redline will prove the M3 as superior.
Stock for Stock, 4 seconds of difference at N'ring. Those are 8+ minute laps, 4 seconds. Also, one of the highest speed tracks in the world.

The M3 and 335i are ~ no matter where you look for objctive data. You can argue about 100-150+ all you want, there are few roads or even tracks where those speeds matter in the US. And a simple $2 mod to the 335i will end all arguments no matter your venue, and the M3 does NOT come out on top.