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Originally Posted by Weebl View Post
Good conversation, I just found it.
Mark, would one of those battery operated portable fans moving air over your lens help or would the condensation form anyway?
That day it was probably bug spray and not condensation. As for your cat, I'm sure you could just PS out that screen and I've found that a well exposed high ISO pic shows better than a lower ISO exposed rough. I wouldn't have guessed you used that high of speed.

Dave, I always have the black bird/plane issue when shooting them all my opportunities seem to be mid day. I'll try starting at +1 or 2. Thanks for the enlightenment.
No, it was condensation. It was in the high 90s outside with dew point temps near 86. Inside my house it was a comfy 74 and dry. Taking a cool camera out into that sauna was guaranteeing condensation. Same thing happens to my sunglasses when I get out of my car.

Dave's tip about shooting +1EV or +2EV works wonders with high ISO. Give it a try. Here's one I shot last night at 6400ISO.


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