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Originally Posted by n1smo View Post
It will not be as close as you think. According to what somebody mentioned in another post, the new M3 is going to be ~100 lbs lighter (carbon fiber roof, light weight V8) than the 335i and with 420hp, it will destroy any Procede equipped 335s. Heck, the e46 M3 is faster than a stock 335 by a bigger margin then some of you are lead to believe.
then how come on the express way i beat e46 m3's all day with my come? i don't have a procede i had a 300 pound buddy in the car and we went at it with an m3 when i had a e90 loaner 335 and we spanked it...the m3 came up next to us and said: "damn that thing is fast" my best friends family owns an m3 and he and his brother just keep drooling over my e92 335!!!! with a procede i would spank any stock m3 on the planet...but the new one...i will leave that to the NEW rs4 and the NEW clk 63...both have like 480 hp and 486 ft/lb can a new e92 m3 handle that much power when it only has 420hp and 286 ft/lb torque(less than my 310 in my 335) seems sad that bmw has so little torque i think at least around 400 would have been great or at least 375 but 286 is a joke!!!!! the new rs4 is 10 k more but i would rather have a biturbo v8 than the NA V8 i suppose!!!! i know BMW makes power in the revs and hp but damn i can see how all the amg mercs are killing the m5 such as cls 55/63 e55/63 s55/63... in a straight line at least but on the highway is where most people go at it so what gives!!!!! you have to spend 30k to belong to a track to beat AMG's this seems like a joke...even my buddy with an 06 sti says he never felt power like my mom's will tear your neck off!!!! seriously i beat m5's all day in that s55 and yes i understand it is in a straight line of highway cruising and not a track but is BMW supposed to BE "THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE"....not...."THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE....TRACK ONLY".....It just seems shittie BMW is getting there ass handed to them and the car isn't even out yet in regards to hp/ just pisses me of cause i LOVE AND AM OBSESSED W/ M CARS AND THIS BI TURBO N54!!!!!! sry just had to rant