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Originally Posted by 1Sleeper View Post
I have to say, if you like motor sounds (pretty sure all of us here do) there arent a ton of choices. C63, Cayman S? I mean, you can put an exhaust on an S4 and it might sound better, but it will never be anything like the S65 goodness.Probably a good choice for where you live though, my old S4 (B5) was unstoppable in the snow.....until I lowered it a little too much. Cayman is a great drive and surprisingly capable with a set of snows. Makes good noises too. Not sure how open minded you are but a 5.0 can be had for half an M3 and I am pretty sure they move along pretty nicely. This could be way out there, but if you really dig performance and a nice automated trans, how about an EVO MR?
Cayman is awesome, but for a 3rd car. Just too impractcle for a single DD.
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