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If you want to pay you can get any phone before they are released. I did this a couple years ago before ATT released another phone. You will have to pay big bucks and run the risk of it crashing since its not an officially launched phone.

My data phone crashed twice and I actually took it into ATT and they couldnt help me because at that time the phone I had was not out on the commercial market and they had no tech support set up yet.

Anyway I think the Iphone 5 64gb for ATT is already out via early release and its around $999 bucks if I recall. The Iphone 4GS is already available.

Just food for thought for people trying to stay ahead of the pack.

Typically the new phones are available 3-8 months before Verizon or ATT releases them.

Please don't message me for the website. Just do a google search and you will find it. I can say they are out of Los Angeles, California.

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