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Cant decide on my next ride...

Love my M3 sedan, however I'm up for a change. I have a manual, and want to go back to a DCT. I prefer the paddle shifting, and LOVE the throttle blips even around town. I just cant get good enough to heel / toe in the manual around town. I'm also looking for something a bit more comfortable to drive around. The M3 can get very twitchy on the bad roads in the north. However the M3 engine still makes me giddy after 3 years. The SOUND of the M3 is just to die for as a DD.

So cars I'm thinking about:

Audi S4: comfortable, a little larger, plenty quick, DCT. However very conservative looking and no cool noises.

New 550i: comfortable, luxury. However very expensive, no cool noises, a bit to Lexus vs. BMW.

Used M3 coupe: I love the look of the coupe, even more now that the sedan. I could pick one up with the DCT, and put it away as an eventual 3rd car. Downside is the cost to sell mine then buy a coupe (taxes, etc). Plus the new M3 will be out in 2 years, which means the E9x will take a massive depreciation hit.

S5: Sounds amazing, a real looker.

Others? I love the Maserati GT - that is my first choice however its just too far out of budget. I'm also very concerned about the cost of maintenance.

What else am I missing?
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