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Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
6/10 troll job.

This thing is the fucking shit. Minus the trendy and annoying blacked out rocker panel inserts which scream VW, and the sort of tacked on hood vents, this thing looks awesome. Would take it over any Bimmer any day of the week.
Over on the AMG PL forum (forum run by AMG Germany for AMG owners only), they announced the complete detailed specs. They asked not to post them anywhere (although I'm sure the info is out there now), but I can say this: the chassis is highly tuned and unlike any other previous AMG. Including coil overs.....

This BS is meant to be a bona fide track monster. Combine the new suspension with the throttle response of the high spinning NA 6.2 motor and I think it will be exactly that.