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Originally Posted by DougLikesBMW View Post
make sure you sign up for the news letter and download origin...that should increase your chances. also make sure your vet status is up to date
i had some trouble with the veteran thing, i just got battlefield 2 to show up but it only shows 2 of the expansions when i had all 3. also i can't get 2142 to show up, i have my EA nickname but it keeps saying my PW is wrong but it can't be because it's the same PW i used for my main EA account.

also will downloading all the demos they have listed help too even if they're pretty old?

i've done everything else too but no luck for the alpha . are you only allowed one chance per day to sign up?

i think it's pretty gay that you have to do all this crap just to play the beta, EA should give access to everyone who pre-ordered.