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I believe I can share some info based on personal experience. My father has owned a Spyder since April of this year. I will first start with the top: The top has 2 separate pieces. There is the primary piece that covers the top of the car and attaches to the red latches on the bootlid, and there is a smaller piece that goes behind your head and latches to the roll bars. The difference in wind noise between having 1 piece on and both pieces on is negligible, however equipping the car w/ the larger piece takes legitimately a minute maybe a minute and a half when you are used to it. Go back 10 years and this top wouldn't receive a complaint. But most modern convertibles nowadays, you push a button and are enclosed within seconds. This is NOT most convertables.

Now on to the interesting part, performance and drivability: My father DD's this car. He drives it to work everyday rain or shine and loves it (he lives in CA). He owned a zcp e46, and I own an e46 m currently. We both have tracked and autocrossed a dct carbon roof m3 coupe, so my comparisons have a good basis. The Spyder is a completely different league of car when it comes down to driving enjoyment. Everything you touch and move sends actual pleasurable sensations down your arms, legs or ears. And allow me to say there are very few cars, and I mean you could count them on one hand, that handle better. I did not say have more grip, I said handling. It is absolutely stupid what you can do in this car around the twisites. To whoever said the m3 is a faster car on the street, I could not disagree more. One of the biggest factors of how fast a car is being driven is how comfortable the driver is and there is no car you feel better in than the spyder. The only place the Spyder may be slower is 100+ mph where the extra hp are worth more than weight and aero, but this is largely offset by the fact that the corner exit speeds are much higher in the Spyder.

In conclusion, the Spyder is just a different type and dare I say league of car. It has 2 trunks, but it is in no way practical as a dd in most parts of the country. The m3 is a huge comfortable grand tourer in comparison that you can still get your kicks in, which fits 98% more buyers criteria than the Spyder.