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Originally Posted by MNm3 View Post
I just had my car into BMW for service because I was hearing a noise when I was making sharp turns at low speeds. It was almost like a rubbing noise.

I took a BMW tech out for a drive and of cousrse could barely make the noise with him in it. But he ended up figuring it out anyways.

Come to find out that the M Diff wasn't completely broken in (The car has 13k miles on it so I find that hard to believe). So they changed the differential fluid with a different kind and now the noise is no more. The dealership said that BMW has sent out a service bulletin on the matter.

Has anyone else ran into this with their M3s?
yes and because of this forum i was able to quickly resolve the issue at the dealer. they changed differential fluid that contained an additive whatever that was and the problem dissapeared.