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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post
I have a 2009.

I bought it used with 1500 miles on the clock, for 64k.
$47k down, financed $17k.
Payments are $365 a month.

Technically I could have paid in full, but then I wouldn't have any payments to inflate my credit score, and it's nice to have more cash on hand for emergencies.

I haven't looked at the 2012 prices, so I can't be of much help to you there.

Another option is to get a 2009, cobb AP, downpipes, intake, and the new dunlop tyres, and you have a car that's faster than a 2012 (and for less $).

But stock is stock, and 2012 is the better car if you want a turn-key solution.

Been reading and watching a lot of the 2012 GTR videos from Motortrend, Motorweek, Top Gear, Fifth gear, etc and all of them concluded with good reviews. It outruns supercars almost twice it's price. It's practically a budget supercar!

$47K down is a lot man. Baller status right there! I was planning on getting a used 2012 GTR next year, put $15-$20k down and finance the rest. My credit is good so I hope Nissan will give me the lowest interest rate possible.

I like the 2012 GTR since it's already fast out of the box. I have been driving a manual for as long as I know and wanted to try and track a car try with paddle shifters this time around. I know it's less involving because of it's AWD and modern elecronics taking over, but it ends up being a lot easier to drive around the track. With all the help from the electronics, taking corners will be a lot easier and that translates to more confidence. I prefer something like that compared to driving a car that's fast and brutal but you end up exhausted, tired and feeling like you just had a wrestling match at the end of each track session. If I get bored with the power, power mods will definitely be considered. In stock form however, the GTR is a force to be reckoned with. Shit, I sounded like a Star Wars fanatic right there. LOL! Hahhaha.

Thanks for the input man.