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run it on a 2008 M3

I was traveling on Ventura blvd when I see this what i thought was a 335i with RD sport exghast. So i slow down so he can chetch up. WHen i see it closer i was like wtf? it had all this blacked out things covering the car and covering the bumper which had 4 pipes. I was like wiat wtf? Hidden M3? Let me tell you this thing sounded amazingggg. Then i had him roll down the window and I was like is that the M3 and he was like "yep, i am a tester". I was like holy shit, then he reved it and I was blown away. He said something about it being better than the 335 in a certain catagory but i couldnt hear him. Then I was like I need to take pics or my forum is going to be pissed. I didnt have a camera sorry. Then seconds a g25 sedan pulls up next to me and we stop at a stop light me and him in the front. I hold the DTC for 5...::yellow light:: rev 1500 RPM and booom take him off the line and killlllllll him. anyways then he rolls down his window and says nice ride, what the 0-60 and I was like