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Originally Posted by Katie31100 View Post
Thanks everyone! I ultimately decided to stick with my M3 for now. This was a very tough decision, but I've always said that the only car I would trade my M3 for would be a 911, and I felt that the Spyder would simply be a lateral move for a car that is better around the track but not quite as powerful as the growl of my v8 engine. I am going to stay with the M3 until the right 911 comes around
I think you are making a good choice. I would say to get the Spyder only if you were keeping the M3 as well.

For me, my next car will be a Porsche GT3. You can get a 2007-2008 between $75k-$85k with barely any miles. However, even when this happens, my ///M3 will still retain its thrown in my garage, he will just have to share it.