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Originally Posted by 3XTR3M3 View Post
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to come across unlike an ass and actually state numerous times that it's just my personal preference, someone is still going to take it the wrong way.

I did not start this as a mine is better than yours in any way shape or form and made an effort to clearly state that. If to you a car with a roof is not an option, no matter what my car with a roof is, how can mine possibly be better? It is an opinion and a preference.

I was truly hoping someone would be able to give me some insight about choosing a vert, but all I keep getting is defensive responses. Even tho I tried not to offend anyone, it still happened.

I did not start a new thread about this because I really don't care enough, and judging from how the last few posts went, it would go to hell in a hand basket.

I'm not some irrational asshole and I would ask the same question to a Porsche or Ferrari owner. I do have family who have a Porsche Turbo Vert and a F430 Vert. I don't get that as much as I don't get an M3 vert but since it's family I guess it easier to have that convo without anyone getting offended.
I didn't really see that anyone was offended in their responses. I do think your viewpoint is a little extreme, and people are questioning your reasons because they don't make sense to them, but I didn't really read anything as taking offense or coming back with personal attack or anything.

Bottom line is that people want different things, and the 'vert is a way to tap into a market of individuals who are less about tracking and more about a nice looking car that's fun to cruise in. As others have stated, why do they make convertible Porsches or Ferraris? Why do cars come in different colors? Different transmissions?

I don't think of the M3 being more expensive than a regular 3 because it's the perfect vehicle, I just see it as an upgrade from the regular 3 series. I certainly don't think the cost includes any sort of prestige or bragging rights, it's pretty much in line with the hardware upgrades, like choosing between a 328 or 335. You pay for upgraded engine, upgraded suspension, etc, and any prestige you get is free IMO.

You consider the added feature of a drop-top to be a downgrade that you pay for, and that's fair, but it shouldn't confuse you that some don't. If I'm sitting in a 328 or 335 convertible, it would still make sense to have to pay more for those engine and handling upgrades. If I'm not mistaken you just don't see the point in adding more power to a convertible.

I chose the 'vert because (1) it was cheaper (lease) (2) as you state, NOT a pro driver so even my best day wouldn't be any different whether I had a sedan, coupe, or 'vert (3) I found it the more enjoyable and better looking vehicle. Being outside with that engine sealed the deal, I'm not sure why anyone would get a 3 series convertible and NOT get the M3 variety!

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