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Originally Posted by SUB-ZERO View Post
Did you read the rest of the article you referenced? On the street, highway and drag strip, the M3 will own the Spyder. On a track is a different story, however, I don't think the OP will be tracking it too much. As a DD, not just is the M3 faster but it is also more useful and comfortable. So you check it Bitch.

Wait... is it possible that I hear an M3 owner... bringing up drag times and top speeds... Isn't the M3 known for its handling and poise rather than drag racing on the street?

I love how you're so hyporcritical in defending your mediocre car. If there is any car that's faster than it in a straight line the absolute first thing an M3 driver says is something along the lines of " who cares that the new camaro/mustang/ etc is faster in a straight line because the M3 isn't about straight line speed. Its about the handling and how the M3 is great around the track because the track is where a car really shows how good it is.

But then when a car is faster around the track then an M3 you immediately bring up M3 straight line stats and sound something along the line of "well sure that car might be better balanced and have better handling, but my M3 is way faster in a straight line and that's all I care about. If I pulled up to a light and raced that car I would crush it.

The fact that the spyder is faster around every track than the M3 shows that it not only handles a lot better, but has the right amount of power to keep up on the straights. Obviously for a car like the M3, which according to you is soooo much faster in a straight line than the Spyder, should have some advantage on a track with some long straights, but it doesn't.

In the end you failed to prove your point that the M3 will "blow the doors off the spyder in almost every category". Its not nearly as fast around the track, and its only marginally faster on the road. But hey, roads aren't for racing whereas tracks are. Who cares if the M3 is faster on the road. That doesn't prove shit because I doubt you're ever going fast enough for the M3s slight speed advantage to make a difference. Who cares about drag times because obviosly you wouldn't take either the M3 or a Spyder to the drag strip. The spyder is faster where it counts and that's all there is to it.

A Bugatti Veyron has a higher top speed than most F1 cars, but does that make it better? I don't care which car you think is better and if you like your M3 that's fine. But when you make such an ignorant statement you deserved to be called out on it.