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Both of those videos are spot on about the top. I went to the P-dealership and asked him.... "Show me how to put the top back on" (it was off in the show room)....

I watched him uncomfortably fumble for more than 5 minutes which is eternity when comparing to 15-30 second covertable tops......

Honestly, it was a deal breaker for me... and I had to walk away from the car... looked back twice cause it's beautiful...but had to walk away.

This is a weekend car only.... forget it as a DD unless you keep the top on exclusively and depending on where you live. No back seats and little to no trunk space. My S2000 has more room and covertible functionality.

The other downer is that it is 126mph limited with the top up......SUCKS!...

When the Boxster Spyder was introduced....I don't think I've ever been more excited and then dissappointed in my life.
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