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Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
exact words from SA on my voicemail:

"there is an SIB for diagnosing the notch - the 2nd gear issue you described - some notchiness is normal, but we want you to bring it in so we can take a look."
How notchy is this 1st to 2nd feel? I know my 335i had notchiness, but fact is so did all my MTs cars. Think about it 2nd to 3rd is milliseconds slower in shifting than 1st to 2nd because of the its position on the GB ... that millisecond lets the synchro fully match up.

In higher gears your wheel speed gear match your engine gear much better because you've already built up the wheel speed gear and gears are closer in ratio in 3-6 than 1-2

4.06 1st
2.4 2nd
1.58 3rd
1.19 4th
1.00 5th
0.87 6th

The closer to a 1 - 1 ratio means the engine's output (to the trans) and the Transmissions output (to the tires) are equal.

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