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Originally Posted by m3keash View Post
I think we made the best decision. GT-R's are apparently very expensive to maintain.
They're actually not all that bad

and 3XTR3M3, I wasn't taking anything you said offensively, just as I know what you said wasn't meant to be in an offensive matter.

Sorry if things got confusing :P

And in regards to perfect balance, perfect engine...

A Cayman will out handle an e92 M3. A Cayman S will be just as quick in a straight line.
This is just one example...I'm not saying the Cayman has perfect balance or perfect engine.
You're right, the M3 is close to 50/50 perfect balance, but it's not there yet, thus it's not "perfect." That's what I was trying to say... I didn't say the M3 was bad, just that it's not "perfect" (I don't personally think any car out there is perfect)

and in regards to the engine, I don't think it's perfect.
I don't think any engine is perfect...but nonetheless, you said without going to super car territory...but you never said that originally. you simply said "perfect engine"
I was take the GT3RS Engine any day
I love the S65. It's the best engine I've ever personally owned and driven... but I know it's not perfect.
If it was indeed perfect, people wouldn't be developing pulleys, filters, S/c kits, strokers....

All in all, the m3 (e90 92 93) are all great cars, but they each have their faults and are not perfect. But that doesn't mean it's not the perfect car for someone