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Originally Posted by 3XTR3M3 View Post
When you purchase (pay the price) for an M3, you are paying for the perfect weight balance, the perfect engine and tranny to utilize that weight balance, you are paying for the perfect structure and rigidity, you are paying for the performance and handling. This is what you are paying for in an M3. You pay extra money over a 3 series to get these benefits.

THEN, you pay BMW extra money to cut off your roof and b piller, destroying the rigidity and structural firmness of the car, you pay extra to add a considerable amount of weight and throw off the perfect weight balance which the handling and performance is dependent on (also dependent on the structure that has now been tampered with), all for putting the roof down?


EDIT: If I ever wanted a BMW vert, I would get a 328vert because obviously the performance does not matter as much as the joys of having the top down. Some might say "what if I want the power AND the top down?!" in that case I would suggest a 335 vert with a tune (which I would feel is still a bit of waste of money but can understanding someone wanting a powerful vert as a daily driver). But I can not understand a M3 vert.
Well, to this, this vert owner says:

I don't really care about all the stuff you mention in the first paragraph because I test drove the car before I bought it and it provided the performance I wanted despite all the compromises that you mention in your second paragraph.

You bring up an E93 3 series. So are you saying that if someone stole this 328i or 335i that you theoretically bought and then returned it the next day with an M3 engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, etc, you'd be pissed off? Not a chance.

The only question then, is value. For us E93 M3 owners, we are willing to pay the premium just to get the M treatment, despite the hit the convertible takes in performance vs. the M3 coupe. And as compard to a E93 335i or 335is, that of course has all the negatives of an E93 M3, with none of the positives of an M car. The simple fact is that you buy an E93 M3 instead of an E93 3 series because its a much more fun to car to drive.
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