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Hey 3XTR3M3, your lack of comprehension as to how someone could possibly want a convertible is a bit close minded. Let's refer to all verts here and not just M3's. A 911 turbo cab, a 430 spider, 458 spider, (due out soon), a gallardo ragtop, a pagani, a Mclaren SLR, an SLS (vert due out soon). People buy these cars because they want a convertible and could care less if the performance of that convertible is a few tenths off of their coupe counterparts. The coupe version of these cars lacks something the vert owner is looking for. If you're turned off to the mere concept of a convertible, nothing said here will sway you. For me, I wanted a vert with 4 seats that had enough power to get into trouble with on occasion. This is my 12th BMW and I've had every model. This car is one of the most enjoyable BMW's I've had. Curious as to your views on 4 door sedans with the performance of an exotic car???? Do you think its just absurd for someone to buy a car like that? I mean, if they want sportscar performance, buy a sports car, right?
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