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Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
19 posts and no one has mentioned Erhanh and his recent similar move? He's the guy you need to talk to...
Yes, I did traded the M3 for a Mini Cooper S. My plan is to seperate the M3's 2 personalities to 2 different cars. Mini as a daily, and something else (not decided yet) as a track car. Although Mini will see some track duty as well

I have my Mini for 500miles now, and I'm still in break-in period, and it has shitty all season run flat tires... BUT, I swear to God, it is more fun to drive it in the city than the M3. I used to take freeway onramps at 60mph in the M3, and Mini can do 50mph easly with all season runflats.. It is more agile, more responsive, and the manual tranny is amazingly smooth.

Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
There is something really fun about being WOT all the time and nobody around you noticing. A JCW is probably too fast for that though.
Exactly. It is amazing fun to be able to use the car's potential. I couldn't to this in the M3 in Seattle... I have the Mini S, and I'm not intending to do any power modes to not ruin it (more torque steer etc).
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