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M3 vs 335i

So...I'm thinking that the M3 is going to pretty much be in direct competition with the 335i w/PROcede. I'm kinda curious as to why BMW would give the 335 so much...and not give the M3 any more...the stats are way too close. I think M3 sales won't be as high cuz it's gonna cost a lot more than a 335i and the performance gain is little, and as you e90ers have been talking the suspension upgrades are also plentiful for the 335 as well.

So....what the hell is BMW thinking? You don't want to compete against yourself, cuz when people can save money and buy the "cheaper" car, what's that do to your M3 sales?

If you've talked about it in detail on e90post or m3post...great, good for you, hit me with the and move on.