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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
I was shooting on +1EV. Except for the last pic, they're badly fogged. I did the best I could recovering what was there. This pic below is an unadjusted RAW file converted straight to jpeg. But yes, the light did suck. The sun was completely set.
I don't understand what's going on there with the fogging. The BG should be blown out and the plane over exposed, but then your bring the level down in RAW conversion to get the plane looking right with a bit of underwing detail.

Here's +1EV at work:

Bald eagle sub-adult harrassed by American crow by dcstep, on Flickr

Canon 7D, 500mm, f/8, 1/1250 second at ISO 800.

Here's another, with the BG blown out:

American Kestrel changes trees. by dcstep, on Flickr

Canon 7D, 500mm, f/8, 1/1000 second at ISO 800.

The first one of the juvenile eagle shows really nice blue sky because it was still well before noon. The sun was higher than the bird's back, but I was shooting away from the sun as the bird flew almost directly overhead.

The one of the kestrel was around 9 a.m. but with the bird in shade and trees behind it, but with open sky behind that.

Some random thoughts about digital EV management:

It's ok to blow out a BG if the subject is interesting and large in the frame. It's more important to get details of the subject than to expose properly for the average scene. If it's a static subject, then try HDR, but for planes and wildlife, that's not often practical. If the subject has major white areas or bright colors like yellow or red, then you need to consider 0EV or even -EV particularly if there's direct light on those areas. With subject such as black and white birds or animals in direct sun, you'll need to chose between blowing out highlights or losing all shadow detail. I shoot Aperture Preferred, but the same concepts apply to Shutter Preferred, Manual or fully Automatic (EV adjusted).

I'm still wondering about your foggy RAW file. What camera is that? It should look a bit overexposed before RAW conversion, but that fog is something that I don't see in my files.