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Originally Posted by rdkc01 View Post
I must be crazy. I had the opportunity to drive a JCW Mini this week and loved it. Am I crazy for thinking it is more engaging to drive then my E90 M3? I don't like to even compare the two cars for performance factors. We all know the answer to that out come. However that Mini just puts a grin on your face. If I do buy one I am faced with the dilemma of having too many cars. What would need to go I ask my self. The 07 X3 winter car, the E30 M3 garage queen (all original 39K miles super clean), or the E90 M3? Will the fun factor fade all too soon with the Mini?

I do find that while I am being a good steward of preserving the E30 M3 I find that garage queen is really not in my DNA. I can't help but think the value of bone stock low mileage examples can only keep appreciating.

I may have to pursue finding the coldest beer and ponder this a little more.....

Your thoughts??

The mini is a blast to drive, it all depends which car gives you biggest grin factor.
I agree the E30 M3 will probably continue to appreciate but if you are not driving it then it's just taking up space as well.

I'd like to see some pics of the E30 if you get a chance.
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