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Originally Posted by rdkc01 View Post
I can't bring myself to driving the E90 M3 in the salty winter.
Then, frankly, I would say sell it. It does not make sense to have a $65k car sit in the garage for half the year. It's one thing to own a classic like an E30 M3 for a garage queen or weekend fun car, but to let a brand new vehicle sit in the garage is pretty wasteful. If you really can't stomach driving the E90 M3 in the winter, then get rid of it.

That said, I wouldn't recommend buying a JCW Cooper just to let that sit around in the garage all winter either. Get something that you are comfortable driving daily all year around - be it your X3 or something more fun - and use the E30 for the fun car when the seasons permit.

Finally, do keep in mind that lots ot people drive luxury vehicles as expensive as an M3 or moreso all year round through all kinds of weather. While you are drinking that cold beer, ask yourself what is so special about an M3 vs. an Escalade or a Lexus GS that you insist upon keeping it out of the snow. It's an amazing car, yes, but it is no exotic. It's meant to be driven.
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