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Drives: 08 Jet Black E92 M3
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Location: Mean streets of Irvine

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Region: Socal/OC
Dealership Name: Crevier
Sales or Service: Service
Name of Salesperson/Advisor: Some useless schmuck
Overall Experience (1 lowest 5 highest): 2
Work Performed/Attempted: Tried to figure out an intermittent starting problem thats been haunting me for about a year. Recommended? (Yes or No): NO
Additional Comments:
Been there 3 times now for the same problem each time. First time they told me it was bad gas... ya right.. second time they said maybe I was imagining it and it would go away. 3rd time they told me both of the above then accused me of modifying the battery... how the f.. do you modify a battery! At this point im completely finished ever going to Crevier. They are on my personal shit list and will steer anyone looking for a BMW away from them
Great idea by the way...

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