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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post

I just listed the prices for parts. How is any of that stuff unaffordable?

What's your idea of 'exotic prices'?

I've spent about $400 at the dealer in the last year.
Of that, about $300 comes from two oil changes.
$100 comes from a custom transmission calibration, where I took the tech for a ride and he tweaked stuff over OBD as we drove around.
The periodic tune-ups are covered under warranty.

Just daily driving the car, it's been very reliable, and quite easy to maintain.
I'm very happy with the GTR.

My tyre wear looks to give around 15k miles per set, given one rotation. That's about 15 cents per mile in tyre wear.

The rotors are massive, and it will take a while to wear them out on the street.
The car weighs the same as a 335, and comes with way more brake surface.
I figure I may need to change rotors every 3 years. About $50 bucks a month when taken over time.

I'll go through a few sets of pads in that time, but again, it's not big money for a few sets of pads over a few years time.

I have a short commute, so my trans/diff oil changes will be every 21 or so months. AFAIK that's $1800 over 21 months, about $85 bucks a month.

All together, tyres, rotors, trans oil, oil, (no pads), comes in at : $282 a month.

We can say (assuming half-race, half-street pads) that I'll spend another $25 a month on pads, so all in all, around $300 a month to maintain the car while under warranty.

Out of warranty, you'll at least have to add the labor of a tune-up - which is about an hour's labor.

You can say it's about $3.7k a year to maintain, taking into account consumables (but not fuel).


Out of curiosity, what are you getting on fuel economy? I'm just wondering how it compares to the M3.