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Originally Posted by vachss View Post
Looks like:


and at current prices somewhere north of a cool $5K in glass...

Oddly, even though I've gone through an awful lot of Canon lenses over the years, the 50/1.4 is the only one of these in my current collection (and the 17-40 the only other one I've ever even owned). Vive la différence.
You are correct! Actually, last night I calculated if you bought them new, except for my previously purchased 17-40mm, it's nearly $5700!

I think the 100-400 IS is going back. That thing is a beast... it could easily be labeled a weapon. On the other hand, without even attaching the 70-200 f/4L IS to my camera body, I'm already in love with it. It just feel really good in your hands... great weight balance, construction, size, etc.

All of them were refurbished, and I can't visually see a single speck of anything on any of them (including hoods and lens caps) except for the 50mm f/1.4. The lens itself seems fine everywhere, but the lens cap has some small nicks. On the other lenses, if they told me they were brand new, I wouldn't know know the difference!

I really want to play with them, but I just don't have the time Maybe this weekend I'll take some time out to shoot. I have to check them out thoroughly since I only have 14 days to return any that are broken, not sharp, etc.

If anyone's interested in the 100-400mm lens, let me know... I can pass on the savings I got to you. Otherwise, I'll just return it to Canon for a full refund.

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