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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
I hope that's sacasm that I read. If not, then there's a disconnect with reality.

Making millions has more to do with DNA, drive, ingenuity, creativity, etc. than having a degree. A degree in an "arts" major makes the likelyhood of millions even more remote for all but the elite.

Apparently you've got some DNA. Maybe you should study something related to your family's business so that you'll be able to contribute when the time comes. A double major in something practical and an arts degree will only take an extra semester or two, if you plan appropriately.

missed this somehow. i definitely don't think that a degree automatically equates to success at ALL. i just mean that in order to be able to be a part of the family business, i have to have one. and there's really not much i can learn that's gonna help me out besides going to law school, which would be overkill, given that i don't need it. the problem is that i'm now 21 and have been in school for 3 years, and i only have 42 usable credits. it's too late for me to double major practically...i've just gotta get it done. there are other circumstances that aren't worth sharing with the whole world...but the sum of everything means that i'm probably going to CA.

and thanks for the kind words, everyone.