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Cropduster, Pt. II

The same cropduster I shot a few week ago also sprays for mosquitos for the county. When he buzzes over the neighborhood, he is seriously low. Usually just a few feet above the trees. I heard him start his runs tonight and I threw my 50mm f1.4 on my nice cool camera and ran out into the sauna we're experiencing. After a few very frustrating minutes trying to keep my lens clear, I was able to grab a few pics. Keep in mind it was about 8PM and I was only partially successful keeping my lens fog-free. These shots are also uncropped, so with a 50mm lens, you can see how low he is. The noise is awesome. Like a Stuka dive bomber.

First pass over my house. Those near trees are just on the edge of my yard.

His return pass.

Then he came across my house at 90 to his previous course as he headed back to the airport. Practically looking straight up as he passed overhead.


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