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Layers in Oceans

Or (the mind of a disbeliever is) like darknesses in a vast deep sea, a wave covers it, on the upper surface of this is (another) wave, (and) on the upper surface of this (are) dark clouds — depths of darkness, one above another (layers over layer). When he stretched out his hand he could not see it. And that for whom Allah has not arranged Noor(light) (Quran), then (there is) not for him from Noor.

[Al-Quran, 24:40]

Allah is informing us in the above verse about the darkness which is one above another or layer over layer. Today science tells us that from the surface to the depth of the ocean, darkness is one above another or layer over layer. lets see.

Scientific Research

The ocean can be divided from its surface to its depth into three zones based on the amount of light received. They are: (1)

The Sunlight Zone Of The Ocean

This is the top layer, nearest the surface. It is also called the euphotic zone. Here there is enough light penetrating the water to support photosynthesis. (1)

The euphotic zone is the surface layer of ocean where sufficient light is available. (2)

Twilight Zone Of The Ocean

Only a small amount of light can penetrate the water at this depth. Plants do not grow here. Only animals that have adapted to little light survive. (1)

Midnight Zone Of The Ocean

Ninety percent of the ocean is in the midnight zone. It is entirely dark—there is no light. The water pressure is extreme. The temperature is near freezing. (1)


We have seen the reality of these words "depths of darkness, one above another (layers over layer). how accurate Quran use these words.
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