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Everything is in motion

Newton’s 3 laws of motion constitute a simple, powerful theory of motion of all objects. (1)

Newton Proposed a theory that every thing in the universe is in motion. This is what Quran said 1400 years ago.

Whatever is in the heavens and the earth has glorified Allah. And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.

[Al-Quran 59:1]


Allah said in the glorious Quran that every thing in the heavens and in the earth do "sabaha" which means according to Arabic dictionary (Lughat-ul-Quran) "To run" or "to float" It used in the meaning of something in motion. Glorified is one of the meaning of the root word "sabaha". If you use the word for a man on the ground, it would not mean that he is rolling but would mean he is walking or running. If you use the word for a man in water it would not mean that he is floating but would mean that he is swimming. Here this word used as something in "Motion". As All know that Quran has most wide wordings.

Everything is in motion in the universe and the earth. And He is All-Mighty, All-Wise

[Al-Quran 59:1]