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Nuclear Fission

Allah splits the seed and nawa. He brings forth the living from the dead, and produces the dead out of the living. That is Allah, so how are you misguided?

[Al-Quran, 6:95]

In the above verse an-nawa means "nucleus" according to Arabic dictionary (Al-qamoos-ul-jadeed). The meaning of an-nawa is also "centre". Allah says in the above verse that He splits nucleus. lets examine it in the light of science.

Scientific Research

The word fission means to split apart. An atom's nucleus can be split apart. When this is done, a tremendous amount of energy is released.(1)

In general fission is a splitting or breaking up into parts.(2)

Bringing Forth the living out of the dead and dead out of the living

The word used in the above verse for "living" is Al-hayya which also means active, energetic or energy. So we can take the meaning of Al-Hayya, "Energy".

Now according to the above meaning it will mean that Allah brings forth "energy" from "dead".

Today we know that energy produce from matter. So the word dead probably refer to "matter". lets read this verse with this translation:

Allah splits the seed and nucleus. He brings forth the energy from the matter, and produces the matter out of the energy. That is Allah, so how are you misguided?

[Al-Quran, 6:95]

The words in Surat al-An`am 95 are very wise in terms of their meanings. The phenomena described in this verse bear a very close resemblance to the splitting of the atom's nucleus in order to obtain atomic energy. The verse may therefore be a reference to nuclear fission, which was only made possible by twentieth-century technology. (Allah knows best.)

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