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If you say Allah created the singularity, then you suddenly have 5 questions instead of one.

I see exactly what you mean, that is why the Quran is SO full of science. It's like challenging Allah to prove he's god and he is the sole creator of everything and he has no creator. Well, Allah demonstrates his full knowledge of the universe in the Quran by revealing it to his beloved Propthet. I repeat our Holy Prophet (pbuh) was uneducated and illiterate so how could he even possibly invent all this? could he guess all of it? or course not. Therefore, since Allah has proved he alone knows all the secrets of the universe, we can trust him when he says HE is god.

You need to read up on string theory, but the short answer is no accident and yes random.

Okay supposing it wasnt an accident. Then I would say how could it be random? because the main principle is, matter cannot just appear from nothingness! and so far noone has proved that things can just appear randomly! Allah says that he created the Earth and Heaven together, from smoke, and then seperated them. Scientists have proven that the Earth used to be smoke! I will post it in my next post. So can we not place trust in Allah and his messenger if they know that much, at least 1400 years ago?

Of course, since the universe is expanding, it's unlikely to have the kind of collisions you could get if the universe was contracting (Which it may or may not do in the future)

Yes, it is expanding and it may be the reason there are no collisions, but even you stated there was a randomness about the beginning of the universe, so if it was random why are there not random collisions which could wipe us out?

I'm sorry, but E=MCą2 is the way to clearly mention the relativity of time. The verses you quote are so general they can apply to any number of events/effects, including stasis.

I have studied E=mc^2 and nuclear fission/fusion etc. We may have done the calculations etc. but Allah alone knows the full nature of the universe. I will post information about nuclear fission in the Quran.

A black hole pierces nothing.

In Arabic dictionary (lughta-ul-Quran) saqaba means pierces dark i.e. to make a hole through something or penetrate. Therefore, the Quran says that Tarik is a star which is like a hole in it (saqib).
Perhaps you did not read that part of the explanation...

Fair enough. This is the first quote you've given me that is specific enough to be tested to reality.

So all the others are mere coincidences? of course not, how can all of these examples be coincidences that 1400 years ago a man guessed all that, even with the best of education at the time, that is not possible....

In the same way false prophets and seers speak of these things.

That is not true at all. Our prophet was UNEDUCATED and could not read or write. But he states all these scientific facts not known to us at the time, into a book which Allah revealed to him. This is lies? of course not. I am going to keep posting evidence. Surely you cannot say "coincidence" or "vague" to all of it. And believe me, if your heart is closed you will not see the truth in the words I show you from the Quran, but you will instead try and find ways out of it because it does not satisfy the way your mind works...