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Originally Posted by stylinexpat View Post
What about oil change,tune up and service costs at dealers which are required in order for warranty to still be valid?
Excluding, oil change/filter which is around $150-200, that's all included. Not every service requires a fluid change. They do a check up on the turbos, driveshaft, tranny, exhaust and suspension. Any needed software or mechanical adjustments are included. See my above post. There is a fairly expensive tranny fluid change that runs around $1100-1500. It's done at 18,000 on pre 2012 models and 36,000 on 2012s. Some buy their fluids online and get it done cheaper.

Basically, if you track the car, you may be paying near supercar prices for brakes and tires, but the upkeep on exotics are higher. Think about the total cost of ownership and depreciation with one of those vs the performance and total cost of a GTR.....

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