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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post
If you go OEM from the dealer, then yeah.

However, since they are wear-and-tear items (expendables, like oil and tyres), they are not covered under warranty regardless... so no reason you can't go for after-market.

Especially when after-market upgrades are a lot cheaper than OEM stock.
Upgraded rotors are about $2550.
Pads will run you around $300 for street
Around $850 for street + light track.
And 'off-road, track' pads are all over the place price wise. Usually $1000+ (some name brand stuff being $stupid).
Tyres are gonna be $2.2K for all 4. Less if you go with the Bridgestones.

So basically around $5K+ for tyres and brakes, depending on what you want to spend extra on.

However, rotors don't need replacing very often, and you'll go through a few sets of pads before you replace rotors... So that cost does go down a bit.
You can also go with a square tyre setup, and rotate, which will extend your tyre life by a good while.

What about oil change,tune up and service costs at dealers which are required in order for warranty to still be valid?