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Originally Posted by Weebl View Post
Go Mark with the 7D, got to keep up with the DC's and 1's ;-)
The only reason for the 60D would be if you do a lot of weird angle shooting or video and need that screen. I'd do the 7D for AF and the 5D for IQ/ ISO the problem is that I need both and selling a kidney won't pay for a 1DIV
IQ on 7D is actually sharper then the 5DII.

I feel the 5DII is actually a bit out of date now. Its only benefits at this time are full frame, and ISO handling.

Megapixel size is subjective. Besides, Throw 35mm equation into the mix, and there's higher megapixels on the 7D if it were full frame and its still sharper....

One place I can see benefit to 5DII is because it isn't as tac sharp, it can be a little nicer for portrait photography. A little kinder to a blemish.

The 7D has great flash controls with its infra red system, but so does the 60D

The 60D should not be overlooked as a great option it shoots 6fps still 18mp. No buying expensive compact flash cards. And most of the same features as the 7D. Fewer AF points, but still a better AF system then the T1i and 5DII