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> Then how did this singularity come to exist ?

Good question. I don't know.
That's what I meant when I said my (non-)religion has only the one question.

If you say Allah created the singularity, then you suddenly have 5 questions instead of one.

> This cannot be, either way you look at it, there has to be a beginning of everything (except Allah).

Why do you except Allah? Why do you accept that Allah has existed forever but the singularity cannot have?

> how can the building blocks and rules of the universe come to exist? c'mon, by accident? randomly?

You need to read up on string theory, but the short answer is no accident and yes random.

> Everything you can think of must have a creator.

No, not really.

> Yet amazingly, no collisions take place that might damage the great order in the universe


Of course, since the universe is expanding, it's unlikely to have the kind of collisions you could get if the universe was contracting (Which it may or may not do in the future)

> The fact that the relativity of time is so clearly mentioned in the Quran, is another evidence that it is Allah's book.

I'm sorry, but E=MCˆ2 is the way to clearly mention the relativity of time. The verses you quote are so general they can apply to any number of events/effects, including stasis.

Plus, a true god would be able to overcome something as simple as general relativity, right?

> Can you understand Tarik? It is a star which Pierces dark

A black hole pierces nothing.

> "We created the universe with our force and we are expanding it"

Fair enough. This is the first quote you've given me that is specific enough to be tested to reality.

Is it an exact translation or is 'universe' in the original text more like 'following'?

> Our Holy Prophet was uneducated and illiterate! how can he even SPEAK of such things? Please answer this! I really wanna know!

In the same way false prophets and seers speak of these things.