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Originally Posted by oneintheory View Post
Call it family pressure. We have a pretty big "small" business in the area that one day I'll probably have a hand in running. If I don't get a degree...I can't do that. I only chose Brooks because so much time is spent shooting and actually working hands-on, rather than sitting in a classroom. That gives me ample opportunity to learn on my own.
I feel ya bro. I got an industrial design degree from the AI. Learned that i was probably gonna be a draftsman for some time and that the pay blows. 1 year after graduating i was working in the family business making 3 times what i would have as an industrial designer. 13 years later i'm at the helm during what seems to be a nice upswing in our industry.

I'm not in love with what i do, but i make enough to have too many hobbies. I look at working in the family business as a means to building wealth and early retirement, while having enough spending money to do photography, paddle board, mtn bike, snowboard, etc....

I wish i could turn my passions into a good living, but i'm also scared that once i turn something i love into a business that i'll learn to hate it..... idk, maybe that won't happen, but it's a real concern of mine and i've seen it happen with friends.

Don't get me wrong.... if i were a photog that people were seeking out for photos and i could pick and choose what i shoot and for who.... that would be awesome. But soliciting work.... weddings, year book, portraits to make ends meet would seem to kill what ever love i have for photography.

Great photos btw!
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