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I love the people that chime in that the 1-2 shift is user error. Those people obviously don't own a 6 speed M3. The tranny is crap. 1-2 is a big disappointment for me coming from a 997. Even double clutching from 3-2 grinds half the time. Anyway, I just had the 1200 mile oil change and it didn't improve much. I will agree that it improves when:
car is warmed up
shifting at 4k or more
delaying the 1-2 shift a couple of fractions of a second

I've learned this just isn't a Porsche. I will say that my E36 M3 shifted MUCH better. It's just the way it is. All said, the DCT doesn't float my boat because I'm still hooked on rev match downshifting and being able to rev my engine while stopped at a light. If I tracked, I'd probably go for a DCT, but on the street the MT is way more entertaining.
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