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get a marketing/business degree while learning how to shoot and be creative and produce the quality of images that you are striving for.
photo school is just going to teach you a bunch of technical shit that you can learn on your own for free by spending some time on the internet. you've got plenty of gear it looks like, that you can do your own hands-on real experiences. you're just wanting to pay someone to teach you how to walk when you can use that money, instead, on learning how to walk on your own. and i guarantee you the latter will be much more rewarding.

no one in your area? perfect - fricking take over! local publications, small business owners, offbeat local newspapers with articles needing produced photos (not PJ), any fashion schools in your area? i bet you there are high school seniors whose parents would pay $$ for some original photos. anything where people are producing something that could be better marketed with some good imagery??
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