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The theme of the show was clearly "obsession," which in of itself has a negative connotation. If you're obsessed about something it's too much, if you're passionate about something it's praiseworthy. The show highlighted the obsessive tendencies of the brand to the near exclusion of the core mission: Driving dynamics (actually, it's making money for the stockholders, but their mission is to do that by selling cars that drive really well for a profit). They hardly talked about how the cars drive and perform, hardly mentioned the M division if at all, while spending several minutes with the chime guy (and how weird was the dynamic with his boss sitting there chiming in (no pun intended) every now and then?).

I thought it was not informative and boring. At the same time, it seemed forced, as if it was a paid ad. But how could BMW support all the negativity being secreted by the smarmy host?