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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
ARE you sure? I thought ALL BMW's used a CDV in the 6MT hydraulic clutch circiut/line. ?

Acording to for an e92 M3...

part #13 in the bellow photo... Lock Valve... # 21522283914

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This same part is also used in a 325iX touring. All other BMW's use a CDV.

I did not see any e9x M3 listed in the imfamous Zeckhausen FAQ.

Has anyone taken their "lock valve" or CDV out of their car and had a look for the (little) jet inside of it? Why is it that "other" M models have used a CDV but not the e9x M3's ???

There is a picture around here from a few years ago where somebody removed it and there was no valve, so no CDV.
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