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Originally Posted by FlashTwoSix View Post
stupid question but is this a working/functioning phototype or is this just a plastic/clay model?

also...why does BMW have to redesign for DTM? why can't they use the same design on the M3 ALMS?

It was hard to tell if the DTM concept car was a real working car or not. It sure looked real to me! Real exhaust pipes complete with flame burn marks. BMW did put up some sort of dark tint inside of all the windows - so you could not see inside the car. BMW used the same tint stuff when they showed the 1M last October at the Welt. The concept car was wrapped in that flat grey foil. Looked really good if you ask me. It did looked somewhat rushed bc the "e_Brief_POST" decal was tilted on the drivers side door somewhat.

As for the rules in next year's DTM... I don't have a clue. I do know that a DTM car is very quick indeed. More so then BMW's ALMS car are. DTM is a whole different level of performance for race cars. They can rival F1 in someways and have very close racing indeed. Think German NASCAR and you will get the idea. Only thing is in Germany we don't have too many rednecks.