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Notes on a 2011 E93 M3 TCU/MULF to Combox swap

Customer wants to have BMW Apps in his 2011 E93 M3 with Assist and iPod adapter, however his M3 was produced before even the Combox was available to order, much less BMW Apps.

What to do?

Enter BimmerTech with its PnP Combox OEM swap kit...

- unplug and remove TCU and MULF OEM modules (E93 shown):

- plug and install OEM Combox Telematics to existing OEM connectors, antennas and cables, terminate extra MOST connection:

100% OEM, no wires cut or spliced. No faults, 100% reversible back to factory spec.

BMW Apps, the enhanced iPod/USB adapter (Album Art and iPod Out) and dual-channel Bluetooth are upgraded and functional, and then some:

- BMW Online:

BMW Live:




Not shown: Google Maps Street View and Local Search


1) First issue first: Assist account was not transferred to the Combox. That should be done by the customer and the dealer by following the OEM procedure of registering the Combox IMEI (replacing the TCU IMEI in the account) with Assist. Will update the thread with the outcome.

2) MyInfo will not work with BMW Live: Adding BMW Live will replace the Assist entries from the iDrive and thus MyInfo, however the Telematics portion of the Combox still is active and functional. Once the Assist account is transferred the SOS button in the roof console will be active and functional, however that will be the only way to contact Assist if BMW Live is activated. All Assist basic services will be active and functional once the account is transferred.

Customer was very happy. Work done.