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Late last summer my dad purchased a 2011 S5, so I in turn went and test drove a 2011 S4, fully loaded with a manual. I loved it. I really did enjoy it, and the dealer offered me a pretty good deal for it. The car was $57K, but the dealer was giving it to me for $51K. I realized that if I was going to spend that much money, I'd rather have an M3. So this summer, I went and bought an '09 E90 M3.

In all reality, I hate the steering wheel of all the Audis, and the S4's is no better. Also, the steering is too light and not tight enough for me. However, the suspension with a limited-slip diff is fantastic! At high and low speeds, the car really drives well. Audi did one hell of a job with the new S4. However, while the engine is great, it's no V8, and it doesn't have as much feel and emotion of the M3.

So at the end of the day, for the money, I'd rather have the M3 at a year or two older for the same price, or less. I payed $47,800 for my M3, so I saved a bit of coin.

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