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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
Fyi, the catch with moonroof auto-close is that after it closes on rain detection, it won't open again until you turn the engine off and back on, so if you drive past a sprinkler that might be annoying.

The wiper option wasn't available in my car but if I can find it on yours I'll give it a shot. It might have been removed.

Engine Start/Stop only applies to 2011.5 M3s and it refers to the engine being turned off when you're stopped at a red light, for example. On US cars that feature is off by default when you start the car. With this it will start up in whatever state it was in when you were last driving.
thanks for info. don't worry about the moonroof and wipers. Those are not too important to me. nice to have but not necessary. I've removed them from the list.