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What Is A Black Hole?

"Black Holes" name first comes from John Wheeler in 1969 (1)

"An object whose gravity is so strong that the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light is a black hole." (2)

Black Holes Mention In The Quran

"Can you understand Tarik? It is a star which Pierces dark"
[Al-Quran, 86:2,3]

Please Read the Explanation:

The Holy Quran defines "Tarik" with the Arabic word 'saqib' (see the ayah). The word 'Saqib' is derived from Arabic root word 'saqaba'. In Arabic dictionary (lughta-ul-Quran) saqaba means pierces dark i.e. to make a hole through something or penetrate. Therefore, the Quran says that Tarik is a star which is like a hole in it (saqib).

Holy Quran calls black holes "Tarik". If you think carefully, you can understand the universe secrets existing in The Holy Quran.