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A singularity

Then how did this singularity come to exist ?

Probably. It's also likely there's more than one universe, but there's no evidence for either assumption.

We muslims believe Allah may or may not have created other universes. He has not revealed this to us. I personally presume from the way Allah speaks to us that he did not. But we will find out one day (day of ressurection).

Around 13.7 million years ago. Time is relative in this universe an it began when this universe began.

Islam understands time, infact Allah alone understands everything in the Universe. Check my next posts...

What passed before didn't have time because of the singularity.

This cannot be, either way you look at it, there has to be a beginning of everything (except Allah). How can even this singularity come to exist? an accident? but how can this accident even occur when nothing exists?

You don't need intelligence for the basic building blocks, not for the way they are assembled.

Yes you do, how can the building blocks and rules of the universe come to exist? c'mon, by accident? randomly?

It does not need creation. These are inevitable because of the rules of this universe.

If you have gravity as a rule, matter clumps together to form galaxies and planets and the sun. The basic building blocks of the universe can spontaneously combine to form living cells, which can evolve into man.

Who created the building blocks? Who created the laws of physics? Who created gravity? So far you have no proof of this, but I have given proof from the Quran and modern science that only Allah created all of this and he speaks about it in the Quran. Check the website I told you. Allah speaks about black holes etc. Everything you can think of must have a creator. Do you see what is happening? everything you say, I would still have the question "how did that happen or come to exist?"